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What are we all about?

CNM Graphics Design Firm (CNM) is an innovative multi-discipline company. CNM is small business with big ideas. We assist in project development from concept to completion. For more than a decade CNM has been privileged to partner with and develop projects for government agencies, State Universities, non-profit organizations, business professionals, performing artists, broadcast television networks, and small businesses. The parent company, CNM, oversees projects managed and developed by its subsidiaries - Pom Photo, and BRIM Consulting Group. CNM is also a leader in multimedia and video production services through a strong parnership with 2nd Born Films. Relying on resources from each of these companies, CNM not only provides creative design solutions and services, but our team includes a stellar group of experienced and emerging pro- fessionals with advanced degrees in business, law, and marketing. This multi-discipline approach provides our clients with the most comprehensive design services, including project research, design outlining, production, and techniques for successful and productive implementation.

The demands of modern business span across several industries. CNM understands the needs of our clients and the interrelationship shared amongst theses industries. Utilizing a multi-discipline approach for providing fresh solutions and ideas, CNM is the epitome of the "one stop shop". Whether we are developing creative presentations or unique promotional campaigns, or photographing a small intimate wedding, we have proven to our clients, and they can attest to our commitment to excellence, professionalism, and quality on every project. We treat you like people, not like a paycheck and that makes a difference. Taking a fresh approach to business as usual, can be a terrifying thing, but remember, amateurs built the Arc, professionals the Titanic. Get ready to take a fresh approach with CNM today!


CNM Design Firm (CNM) is a an innovative multi-discipline company. We have been helping businesses do business better for more than a decade, taking project requests from concept to completion. Whether developing creative presentations, unique promotional campaigns, building a modeling portfolio, or providing resources for internet management, CNM continues to provide the most copmprehensive design, photo, and online production services to our clientele. From large corporations to small independent shops, let us help you design a better way to do business!

What's New at Pom Photo
Check out one of the recent weddings we shot. The couple was amazing not to mention BOTH receptions!!

Tilt the BRIM Forward
BRIM is making friends, see what projects we're working on with some of our new partners!
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