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Spend just a moment watching a 2nd Born Films movie, and it won't take long to see that 2nd Born Films is quite different from other videography companies. Aside from the ability to produce unique and captivating movies, 2nd Born Films is set apart from other video companies in that not only is the company founded on Christian ethics, but we are committed to working with each client as an individual. Having extensive experience working with all types of couples, 2nd Born Films has received several recommendations and praise for their professionalism and attention to detail.

Filming and Post-Production

2nd Born Films utilizes high quality professional 3CCD chip cameras and completes all editing using professional industry standard editing software. Our on site equipment is microsized so as not to detract from the bride or groom.

Creative Director / Founder

Joel Powell, founder of 2nd Born Films, has been working in graphic design and media production for 10 years. As an undergraduate at UC Davis he found himself drawn to film, and eventually studied various genres and styles. He spent three years as a media technician with the University. During that time he earned an impressive reputation as a stellar designer and editor, this led to his retention by UC Davis and Sacramento State University on several projects.

As a young couple just starting out, finances prevented he and his wife from obtaining the services of a videographer for thier wedding. It was soon thereafter the couple was led to expand their graphic design business, to include wedding videography. Joel's desire was to provide elegance and quality at affordable prices, making every effort to assist couples in obtaining the wedding they desired.

He has shot and edited numerous weddings, concerts, short films, and been retained as a consultant for both video and graphic design projects. He continues to follow his passion, staying aligned with God's will, working with couples, utilizing the talents he has been blessed with for producing elegant wedding video.

Videographic Consultant / Photographer

Kari Powell, Kari Powell, began as an amateur photographer in 2002. Since then she has honed and refined her talents as both an excellent photographer, and a artistic videographer. She has shot numerous weddings since 2002, her work receiving praise and adoration from clients and her peers alike. Kari has shot both large and intimate weddings, all across California in some of the most picturesque and unique venues. Her artistic eye and candid approach has led to her retention for various other shoots including baby pictures, family photos, and love story images.

Kari 's work has been published in wedding books, and she is currently working on a children's photo book due to be released in the coming year. Sevearl brides have commented on her bubbly yet calming personality and her attention to detail. Capturing the day in elegant fashion is a passion and she continues this trend with all elegance and professioanlism.


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